Tech Platform To Help You Scale Up
Easy, Practical Business Apps & Portals

Build your technology platform piece by piece with our modular software

  Scale up your business by building an IT backbone for it - one piece at a time. No need to buy a large complex system, or multiple small ones that dont work together

  Integrated products that work standalone as well as together. No need to integrate disparate pieces of software

  Get a bird’s eye view of your small business. Know what’s going on in your business, from any place, any time

  Insightful dashboards that give you a summary of all aspects of your business

What is the closest description of your business?

Aggregators & Marketplace

Build your online marketplace super quick. Collaborate with your partners in seamless manner.

quick turnaround


Stay popular, increase revenue with portals built on BizGoEasy platform.


Collaborate with your clients effectively. Improve customer satisfaction. Make work hassle free.

Small Business

Save time and cut down inefficiencies using our friendly and affordable proucts

Advantages of BizGoEasy solutions

Designed for simplicity, made for small and midsize businesses

Our products are conceived, designed and built especially for small and midsized businesses run by owners with modern outlook.

Our Apps are designed for simplicity and trimmed to the most used features.

No need of wasteful trainings for staff, simple Apps that they can learn with few times of usage.

Get started in no time

Doing business just got easier for a small business owner like you.

With assisted onboarding and minimum setup and configuration, you can get started in as quick as few days.

Ride the power of tried and tested software. Friendly apps boosted by the powerful ERP RunMyOffice behind.

Low upfront cost, friendly subscriptions

Small budget? You are welcome :)

Our ready to use products/Apps require no large upfront investments. Modular approach keeps your operational costs low.

Ready to Use Business Apps and Products


EZ Office

Doing business just got easier for a small entrepreneur

super popular

EZ Staff

Bye Bye Staff XL Sheets

super popular

EZ Stocks

Simple Stock Keeping

super popular

EZ Webshop

Quick and Easy Websites