EZ Office

Doing business just got easier for a small entrepreneur


  business data no more scattered in countless files and sheets

  bird’s eye view of all information regarding your business

  indicators, dashboards

  reminders, timely alerts

  day planners, work progress timelines, auto status updates

Price: Subscription starting from Rs.2000 per month, per module. Paid Yearly.


  Reduce stress of manual coordination

  Cut down on in-efficiencies

  Stop wasting time and energy on staus checks

  No chaos, no mess-ups

  Never miss an opportunity


Know More

intro video
your money - EZ Cashflow
  • Your daybook, or the diary of original entry
  • Record transactions realtime, as they occur, by the person who made them
  • Selectively share daybook entries with your accountant later
  • Track receivables
  • Mark received full/partial against receivables
  • Auto reminders to person from whom to receive
  • Expense tracking, coordination with CA
  • your sales - EZ Salesflow
  • Know the status of your sales pipeline in realtime
  • Timely followups of leads enabled by auto reminders and day planner
  • Keep notes, images, documents for each customer at one place
  • Insightful sales dashboards
  • Broadcast targeted, prewritten mass emails to relevant people
  • intro video2
    your work - EZ Workflow
  • Assign & track tasks to closure
  • Instant status updates
  • Timely reminders
  • Dashboard view of all tasks and activities
  • Keep track of who is doing what
  • Recurring tasks tracking
  • Simple workflows
  • EZ Network
  • Find new customers as well as trusted vendors through BizGoEasy network